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Solartherm offers attractive and resilient panels that can be used to warm your pool all year round. 

With an appealing compact modular appearance, these solar panels are fully insulated from the elements, meaning no exposure to outside elements such as birds and animals, or storms and hail. 

Unlike older systems which only checked for roof temperatures, Solartherm uses innovative technology to measure the temperature of the water on the roof, lowering the need for pumping.   


Solartherm only needs to cover an area of your roof equal to 60% of your pool size, less than any other solar pool heating products on the market. 


The panels can be installed in a variety of locations on your chosen roof area, including sheds, pool houses or your primary building’s roof. 

In addition to the roof, Solartherm can also be installed on ground mounts, making them versatile and easy to integrate with your current landscaping. 

The system works by circulating water from  your pool, through the Solartherm panels for solar heating and back into your pool. A booster pump is activated based on temperature changes in the water transferred to the pool. 

Enclosed panels protect the high density polyethylene heat absorbers from the wind, so they can heat the pool water even in windy conditions. 

The only electricity used by the system is for the pump, pushing the water back into the solar panels based on an inbuilt thermostat. 

This means more room is available if you want to join the solar movement and decrease your entire electricity bill at a later date.

Each installation includes a full package incorporating solar pool heating panels, and pump. 

Proven Energy is a supplier of Solartherm systems, offering an easy and affordable option to get you out of your house and into the pool.