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Thank you for considering us for your solar system. I am now going to outline some reasons you can consider us one of the very best providers of a well-designed, high quality solar system you can rely on for many years.

Our beginnings were when I decided to start an Electrical Contracting business, it was time to challenge myself and I knew it was the logical step I needed to take as I have a passion for building long-lasting business relationships and enjoy providing great service. We have been trading as PMS Electrical Pty Ltd for 5 years but as we have decided to sell solar we thought a less jovial name necessary.

I have always been lucky enough to have great employers in my time and wanted to build a business that could pass that on to the next generation and my own employees. My interest in energy, particularly better ways of producing it has led me to branch the business into solar sales, not just installation which we have done for years for many other companies.

As you may well know the solar industry has earned a reputation for fostering unethical business practices and like many government supported industries has seemed to attract people who like to take advantage of the situation. Working in this industry since 2009 and seeing the many brands and companies that are here for a short time and then disappear has helped me realise the need for integrity and companies that last.

As an honest Toowoomba Electrical Contractor with a solid local reputation to uphold you can rest assured that I am running a business both ethical and honest. One of the dangers facing discerning consumers is the many brands of solar equipment imported from overseas. Common practice in the past is to simply close up shop once the warranty claims make trading unviable. Once the importer or company you bought the system off disappears, what do you do? This has been made possible because the industry has had such a boom beginning, it is still such a young industry that there is simply not a lot of data on a lot of the major suppliers. This is the gap we are aiming to fill.

We source our solar panels from established Electrical Wholesalers who have had businesses in Australia for many years such as Ideal Electrical, our supplier of Jinko Panels, (listed on the NY Stock Exchange). The only solar-only wholesaler we deal with is Oz-Express who deal only in REC Panels. Oz-Express are wholly company owned, no debt, no shareholders and REC is the same, the most financially viable solar company on the planet as proven in the Altman-Z score. The manufacturer warranty provided by them is one of the best.

Our inverter of choice is Fronius, made in Austria. They also make battery chargers and one of the world’s most advanced welders. They are a 3rd generation family owned company, wholly without debt and proven to backup warranties and offer fantastic service. They have been specialising in the conversion of AC to DC electricity for 70 years. They are not about to stop.

You may wonder why I make such a big deal of companies with no debt? These companies are investing their own money. When it’s your own family businesses money you have extra motivation to make good choices and direct the company with long term views.

You are looking to invest your money in a relatively new industry made from an old technology that has been advanced many times in a few short years, that in itself speaks volumes of the inherent risk. That is why we have done the homework for you and done our best to get the best combination of value and price to bring the best products to the front.