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Solar Hot Water Toowoomba

Taking advantage of the sun is a logical solution to reducing your hot water costs, offsetting your carbon footprint and increasing the energy efficiency of your home. 

Solar hot water provides guaranteed energy savings with a new range of safer, simpler technology that requires no big rooftop tank and no plumbing modifications. No matter the size of your property or budget, there’s an option to suit you, while reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bill. 

In warmer climates such as Australia, with a high level of sun exposure, these systems are especially useful. 


8 Great Reasons to Choose Solar Hot Water

  • Reduce your hot water costs & offset your carbon footprint
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • New safer, simpler, technology
  • No big rooftop tank or plumbing modifications required
  • Most cost effective and efficient way to heat water in your home
  • Generous Australian Government solar financial incentives and low-interest green energy loans

Installing a solar hot water system is the most cost-effective and efficient way to heat water in your home. You can save up to 100% on your water heating costs, reduce your household’s carbon emissions, and increase the value of your property. 

Now is a great time to take advantage of the generous Australian Government financial incentives and low-interest green energy easy approval loans. We also offer a generous 25-year performance guarantee on all our solar hot water systems.

We offer a range of solar hot water, solar pool pump, pool heating and heat pump compressor technology options, no matter your needs.

Contact us today for your obligation free quote and find out how much you can save on your water heating costs.