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Solar Panel Removal 1

Solar is one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your property and reduce or eliminate your power bills. Sometimes, though, there may be a reason you need to move or replace your solar panels.

We’re often asked “Can solar panels be removed?” The answer is yes, but it does require a professional.

There are a range of reasons people choose to remove their solar panels:

  • The roof needs to be repaired or painted, so panels need to be temporarily removed and replaced. 
  • The house is undergoing repairs or renovations which require the panels be moved.
  • The panels are old and need to be replaced with a new system.
  • Vacating a rental property where the renters paid for the system.

Although removing solar panels may seem like an easy enough task, it’s not something we recommend a home handyman try. Solar panels are connected to live electricity, which means removing and replacing solar panels can be a dangerous task if you’re not aware of how to correctly connect the right wires and conduits. As solar systems are above 50V DC, they also fall into the voltage range which requires a qualified electrician to service or install.


The complexity of the replacement can also vary based on factors such as the age of the system, the type of racking, and whether you plan to reuse or replace the system.


Especially in older systems, some parts may no longer meet Australian standards, which means they can not be legally reinstalled at a different location. In addition, older systems may have parts that can break during removal, or seize, and require a qualified professional to replace. 

If you need a solar system removed from your property, Proven Energy can help by providing professional advice on your available options. We can also provide an obligation free quote to ensure you know the costs involved in removing and/or replacing the system to meet your needs.